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HTML form data retrieve using javascript

Javascript data retrieve from HTML Form: Js: function display(){ var fname=document.forms[‘myForm’][‘fname’].value; document.getElementById(‘demoName’).innerHTML=fname; var gender=document.forms[‘myForm’][‘gender’].value; document.getElementById(‘demoGender’).innerHTML=gender; var hobb=document.forms[0]; var hob =””; for(i=0; i<hobb.length;i++){ if(hobb[i].checked){ hob=hob+hobb[i].value+”, “; } } document.getElementById(‘demoGHobby’).innerHTML=hob; var en=document.forms[1]; var entry =””; for(i=0; i<en.length;i++){ if(en[i].checked){ entry=entry+en[i].value+”, “; } } document.getElementById(‘demoEntry’).innerHTML=entry; } HTML Form: <form...

JavaScript Problem-01

Question: We shall take some numbers like 1 to 10, From the mentioned numbers we shall print the odd numbers except 3 and 5 and at last also we shall make SUM of those odd number .

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Array Basic Expalanation

Array is a special type of variable that can hold/contain more than one value at a time. Look at the example bellow var city1=”Dhaka”; var city2=”New York”; var city3=”Sydney”; var city4=”London”; In the above example, there are four variables and every variable contain one value...

What is Generics?

Generics is one type of facility of the generic programming and in 2004, it was added to the Java programming language in the java official release version J2SE 5.0

In 1998, Gilad Bracha, David Stoutamire, Martin Odersky and Philip Wadler created Generic Java as an extension to the Java language to support generic types. Generic Java was merged in Java with the addition of wildcards.