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Print Array Elements Using HTML Table

Here is the Solution of how to print array element in HTML table. HTML Code: <p id=”demo”></p> JavaScript Code: var fruits, text, fLen, i; fruits = [“Banana”, “Orange”, “Apple”, “Mango”]; fLen = fruits.length; text = “<table border=’1′><tr><th>Index</th><th>Data</th></tr>”; for (i = 0; i < fLen; i++)...

Learn SQL using Oracle Database

Oracle Database: Lecture – 01

Question: What is data? Answer: Every organization has some information needs. A library keeps a list of members, books, due dates, and fines. A company needs to save information about employees, departments, and salaries. These pieces of information are called data.

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Simple Exam Grading System

This is very simple grading system based on single subject marks. var mark=60 if(mark>60) { document.write(“pass”); } else{ document.write(“Fail”) } */ var mark=prompt(“Enter Mark”); if(mark>100) { document.write(“Invalid”); } else if(mark>90) { document.write(“A”); } else if(mark>80) { document.write(“B”); } else if(mark>70) { document.write(“C”); } else if(mark>60)...